About Cypress Cowboy Church

Our Mission


Cypress Cowboy Church has a simple mission statement that forms the basis for our activities.

Cypress Cowboy Church shares the Word of God in a simple way always with the purpose of lives being transformed. We will share the message of salvation in Jesus Christ alone, in ways which are Spirit-led, relevant, effective, and sustainable.

Built on our affections for our Western Heritage, our activities are based on a simple model reflected in the scriptures.

Simple worship with songs, hymns, and poetry from past and present Western culture
Relevant teaching of scriptural principles
Heartfelt fellowship of the believers into which everyone is welcome
A place for every member to serve and grow
Financial integrity to insure a model of stewardship and integrity
A casual environment for those whose “chores” are not optional

Cypress Cowboy Church has a simple vision grounded in Jesus’ announcement in Luke 4:17.

Cypress Cowboy Church is a refuge for those who have been rejected, for those who have been wounded, and for those who have never connected with a body of Christian believers.

Cypress Cowboy Church is a core of believers learning to walk with Jesus each day, called by God to minister to the Cypress community at the point of their needs.

Our Goal


The goal of cowboy church is to communicate in such a way that a lost cowboy or cowgirl can hear and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ while those around him are worshiping God. 

It is a non-judgmental approach that does not beat people down for what they have done or what they are, but provides hope and forgiveness, accepting people just as they are, in their sin, just as Jesus did.

Our Purpose

“The church is to be a fellowship of baptized believers brought together to carry out the work of Jesus Christ. It is organized and maintained to fulfill the following Mission Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Church is to reach the lost and unchurched people in the cowboy culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide a church home where they can become more like Him.” 

This is a narrowly defined mission to reach a people group that has not been reached in large numbers by the traditional church. The mission is narrow by design and without its tight focus, we will not reach these people in large numbers.

Code of the West


The iconic cowboy represents the best of America — the courage, optimism and plain hard work. Cowboys are heroic not just because they do a dangerous job, but also because they stand for something — the simple, basic values that lie at the heart of the cowboy way. Even though their way of life has changed over the last 150 years, cowboys still honor and live by their code. They are an abiding source of inspiration to do better and be better than we are.

Code of the West

1) Live each day with courage.
2) Take pride in your work.
3) Always finish what you start.
4) Do what has to be done.
5) Be tough, but fair.
6) When you make a promise, keep it.
7) Ride for the brand.
8) Talk less and say more.
9) Remember that some things
aren't for sale.
10) Know where to draw the line.